COSMOPOL - Surveillance

The citizen is worried about crime in his "adventurous" daily life and he not always can trust in the police presence. Too often it happens that, while criminals, in their program execution, act a well studied script, who would stop these crime activities acts improvising with the imagination reactions ever tested on field.

That's why we grant surveillance services and presence more effective by using advanced technology systems with data centralization and info concentration to manage controls to protect personal and company asset.

The traditional night watchman figure leaving a ticket on the sluice gates and doors, has been replaced by video surveillance equipment and sophisticated remote control and operational headquarters.

Security Guard role has been evaluated thanks to the private and industrial anti robbed increasing application. Security Guards have full right to be included among the key components in the crime defense field.

Security has always been one the most important problem for companies and, over the years, it's grown in quality. So human element and laws are essential factors.

Criminal acts have increate in number and damages value to people and goods, simultaneously there are new crime kinds unknown. White collar crime and "new wave" computer criminal. These criminals use special equipment, like environmental and telephone bugs.

However, if there are so various crimes, so the equipment range used in surveillance is the same various, it reverbs in all the company components, like work procedure, ecc...

For the company it's very important choosing a right organization framework, with the goal to have a maximum security with minimal costs in economical and functionality terms.

Experience teaches that the single tool doesn't do "security", if it's not merged in a valid contest in which intervention procedures are well defined and the human element is efficient and well trained.

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